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How to Write a Novel in Five Steps

Once upon a time

So, you’ve woken up after dreaming about a dragon who convinces a witch to transform them into a human, and you think wow, what a great idea for a novel. You leap out of bed and dart towards your laptop, eager to put the story forming in your head onto paper. But you need to STOP and take a deep breath because writing without any pre-planning rarely ends well. Writing a novel is like running a marathon. If you don’t bother training for the marathon and simply show up on the day expecting your enthusiasm to push you through to the…
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How to Create your Book with Storyboarding

Many new authors turn themselves inside out trying to work out ‘how’ to have their story flow, write about each character in their turn and how to bring them into the story, kill them off, or keep them all going at the same time. Sometimes, a story can loose its way and the author has to bring it back on track, or not notice anything wrong if they become so embroiled in the drama of events taking place in the story. Creative writing teacher Mary Caroll Moore is an accomplished author of eleven published books. She has created a video…
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