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Marion Brownlie interviewed on River Radio

Facing Demons author Marion Brownlie is interviewed on River Radio. She talks about her book and what inspired her to write this amazing autobiography. Beating the odds, she was near suicide then turned her life around – she had work to do! It still was not easy, and there were many things she had to sort out, and heal. Her story is one of determination, strength, and courage. She found the will to carry on, but there were still lessons to be learnt. Over the course of her life, you will hear how she found a way to work with…
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Benefits of Using a Professional Book Publisher

Have you thought about publishing a book? Do you know how to go about it? Are you thinking ‘Do I use a publisher or publish it myself’? There are many questions to consider when undertaking the journey of becoming an author. … What do I want to achieve with my book? … How do I get my book seen by as many readers as possible? … Do I publish it myself or engage a professional publisher? Many authors do publish their books themselves, and a few might have some success with that. Many do not, which is a shame after all…
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Linda Lattin’s Wheels of Mizfortunate

I was able to write my book with sheer determination, which is common for many writers. Success requires determination. I was in a serious car accident that left me critically injured and comatose for over four months. When I awoke I had NO memory of my life. I was dazed as anyone would be and my mind was blank. I had to learn how to be a woman again: a living, breathing, 35 year old woman who had three sons, whom I did not remember either! I did not know how to be a Mom. I had to re-learn how…
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Online Book Tours!

Have you published a book and its not doing much? Have you promoted your book to the best of your ability? Have you thought of an Online Book Tour? Online Book Tours can get your book in front of thousands upon thousands of people! We have listed some of the more popular online book tour sites. Explore your possibilities! Grab your opportunities! Organise a book tour for your book!   click image for link to book tour information  


Dogsled Racer Blazes Trail for Visually Impaired Readers and Cyclists

Rachael Scdoris, a 28-year-old outdoors enthusiast, has been a competitive dogsled racer for well over a decade. Thanks to the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), a division of the Library of Congress, she’s been an avid reader for the past year. Scdoris was born and raised in the wilderness of Bend, Ore., where she traversed mountains and deserts on the back of a sled with her father, who spent 36 years as a musher—a trail his stubborn daughter was determined to follow no matter what. Scdoris was born with a rare vision disorder called congenital…
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Amanda Starling – Featured Author

Mumma to Be – Amanda Starling Every hiccup and foreign moment I endured I wanted reassurance and peace of mind. From that moment I was prompted to record my journey. My words began, freely, candidly and honestly. Initially I was writing for my baby thinking it would be a great keepsake for when she was older – I’m such a realist thinking so far in advance! Perhaps she will be mortified to know how candid and forthright I was. I began writing everything, I knew I couldn’t count on my memory (baby brain); everything I thought was relevant I wrote…
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New Books Released by Aurora House Publishing

Aurora House publishing has been busy. They have recently released five new books – two children’s books and three autobiographies. Look over to the left and you will find them all in Recommended Reading. Each new release is excellent reading. The Faceless Man will take you across Australia on motorbikes, from the east coast to the west. Across the desert with its searing heat, through tropical storms – just becuase they can. It will hold you from beginning to end and have you begging for more!  


How I Started Writing by Gillian Lee

I have always had an interest in creating characters, whether it is in creative writing or sitting in a café watching different people walking by, guessing their life story. I have tried to start writing a book several times in my adult lifetime, only to be discouraged by the enormity that it held. Questions would cloud my creativity, such as ‘Who would want to read what I write?’, ‘Which publisher will want to publish it?’, ‘How much is it going to cost me?’ It was last year that I decided, ‘This is it, I am going to write my story!’…
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