Aurora… Naturally!


Aurora Sunrise is all about people, books, news, information and having a bit of fun at the same time. We love books. The more books the better. All types, shapes and sizes. We set up shop with the aim of connecting with all authors, beginners or experienced, and their readers. To encourage prospective writers to have a go, you never know where it may lead – look at J.K. Rowling…

Aurora Sunrise is an extension of our Aurora House publishing division and enables us to pass along all the information we can to you. We are based in the beautiful Southern Highlands near Sydney, Australia and our Aurora House publishing team are dedicated to producing the best possible product for each and every author.

That’s me. Blogging is a good way to really connect and that is my aim.

I love the ‘personal touch’ and love having close communication with authors, it’s important and therefore everyone who is involved in publishing a book all work together.  On Aurora Sunrise, we can share your stories, connect with other writers, and tell the world about what is happening with your books.

And its not just about the authors, its about the readers as well. Without you, it would be a waste of time writing the books! So, we intend to include you as well – let us know your thoughts, what you are looking for in your reading, and we will try our best to accommodate you. We’d love to include your book reviews too. That way, more readers will become aware of the excellent books that are streaming into the book world.

Do feel free to comment and contact us – together we can move mountains!